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Coffee & Cookies

Recently I seem to have developed a new hobby, teaming up with my friend Leo and checking out new coffee shops.

As the number of coffee shops has increased massively over the years there's no problem finding any!

In fact, there might probably even be way too many...

On Tanao Road previously I'd seen a tiny hotel called Central Old Town Cottage (opened in 2021) which featured an oddly named coffee shop as well: CupC Coffee Creation Cafe Khaosan (*)

So we decided to pay it a visit and were pleasantly surprised.

Its interior is a feast for one's eyes, tastefully decorated, with lots of vintage stuff, clever use of mirrors, and friendly staff.

This lampshade is a good example!

As well as this vintage map of Bangkok mural!

Whether this old phone actually works is irrelevant of course.

Angled mirrors on the ceiling!

And most important of all, they serve piping-hot coffee and homemade cookies at decent prices!

They also serve a basic all-day breakfast and some craft beers...

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ray storey
ray storey
Jul 25, 2023

Some wonderful light play inside the place, KK...I love it.

Jul 25, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Ray!

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