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Down In The Park

The last time I visited the 72-hectare Banchakitti Park (*) was a little over a year ago, so when a Thai friend - Khun Yui - invited me for a walk recently I was more than happy to join.

After a stroll around the lake of the older section of Benchakitti, we entered the wetlands area.

It looked greener and wilder than ever before, amazing!

That boat (and a few others) belong to the park's staff who somehow manage to maintain the park's appearance having a fine balance between looking a little rough and completely overgrown.

No lack of fish (and birds), but unlike Lumpini Park we didn't see a single monitor lizard!

The layout of the park is really well done.

Some buildings of the old Thai Tobacco Monopoly are still there, either used for storage or exercise.

Lots of walkways - both on the ground and elevated - wind their way through the wetlands.

Luckily only a few of the paths are straight.

The park attracts lots of walkers, joggers, cyclists, students, families, models, and photographers.

The contrast between the green park and the skyscraper skyline is fascinating.

A rather unusual view of the park!

I took that photo through this kaleidoscope art installation, entitled 'The Center Of The Universe', which is part of Bangkok Unfolding. (**)

The entrance to the Lumphini Park Skywalk was finally open too, great!

New for me was the Dog Park section which seemed more like a catwalk for fancy canines, but then again, I'm more of a cat person.

This bird-view map gives a good idea about the size of the park!

The walkway leading to the museum was blocked so we guessed that the museum wasn't ready yet.

Despite that do check out this wonderful park, you won't regret it!


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