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Kamphaeng Saen Countryside Cruise

Halfway between Bangkok and Kanchanaburi is Kamphaeng Saen, probably best known for its Kasetsart University and Agricultural Fairs.

For me there's another reason, my wife's sister's family lives there so we occasionally drop by for a visit and do some sightseeing.

When there I also go cycling, but this time only forgot to take my Dahon with me and ended up using my brother-in-law's bike which was a bit awkward as its saddle was too low and the gears didn't function that well...

Despite the bike's issues, cycling wasn't too bad and yesterday's ride was mainly around Kasetsart.

But just before I cycled home I stopped at Wat Thung Kraphang Hom with its giant Buddha.

This morning I set out again despite the sky looking pregnant with rain...

Lots of canals run through the countryside and I stopped at one of the sluices.

Pretty strong current!

A bit rusty but I guess it functions well.

Usually, Google Maps can be very helpful.

But this time I got Googled completely as the dirt track just fizzled out, and never reached Ja Bar...

Lots of lakes in this area as well.

Most are used for shrimp farming.

Aerators like the above can be seen a lot.

There's only one railway track for a commuter train which leads to Suphanburi.

Safety issues are a bit forgotten obviously...

And that was today's routing, without a single drop of rain!


ray storey
ray storey
Oct 22, 2023

A good ride, KK, and in an area I wisited only 2 or 3 times when we lived in Bangkok.

Oct 22, 2023
Replying to

Soon we will be cycling together again Ray!

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