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Mekong By Bike - 2. Nong Khai to Phon Phisai

Up at the crack of dawn, check out the bikes (all different models) and have a coffee before hitting the road, uh boulevard!

The weather was excellent, not too hot, just some clouds, and virtually windless.

Some locals were already walking and jogging.

Final check-up before leaving Mut Mee.

We tried to stay as close to the Mekong riverside as possible. Along the way we passed some fish farms with a pretty clever food delivery cable system.

Some parts of the adjacent road were used for agricultural purposes.

Only one time during the whole trip did we pass a farm using solar panels!

End of the road! So what's next?

Easy, we took a detour and hoped that the remainder of the track wouldn't disintegrate while passing it...

Some parts were better done on foot.

Along the path, we noticed this grasshopper farm and had a look.

Ray took this much better shot of our visit!

After cycling and walking for almost 2 hours we stopped at a roadside restaurant for a solid breakfast: pad krapow kai dao!

I doubt if this kind of hat will ever become fashionable, but it certainly is effective!


Another dead-end, something which would become a regular feature of our trip!

Some parts of the path had stairs...

Unclear what the purpose of this contraption could be as it seemed to be no longer connected to anything.

Luckily local dogs behaved reasonably well, just barked a bit, but didn't make any attempt to rip out your throat as they do in Nonthaburi!

We stopped for a cold 'fig soda' at Him Khong Cafe, a nice place, with a very friendly owner.

Here she's showing Tim her fig tree!

Sand dredging boats from the past.

This used to be a major industry but is no longer allowed.

We noticed these unusual farm buildings and had a closer look, but never got a clear understanding of how these were being used...

Some dirt tracks - like the above - were surprisingly decent, others however...

The first beer of the day tasted always fantastic.

Stunning river view.

Wat Luang Chetiyaram stood out from the other temples we had seen so far thanks to its massive gong.

Of course, Ray had to 'Bang A Gong', but whether he was 'Getting It On' remains doubtful...

We checked out a few of the local hotels before calling it a day at Boontawee Hotel in Phon Phisai.

I was really pleased with the VIP sitting area of my room...

The cycling was done for the day so we explored this rural town on foot for a while.

Its riverside boulevard was classic again!

Beers at Sammy Restaurant to celebrate the end of our first cycling day!

Our route.

And in 3 detailed parts...

Which clearly shows some of the detours.

Actually, I switched off MapMyRide too early at the first hotel we stopped at...

It took at least half an hour and 4 other places before we found Boontawee!


Nov 15, 2023

Looks like it was sometimes a real challenge, though!


Nov 15, 2023

Marvellous! I like it all. Especially the umbrella dance, the funny wind mill and the gong video!

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