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After Songkran, my family ended up with Covid and consequently were under voluntary house arrest for almost 10 days...

Once I finally tested negative I was very eager to go out and start shooting again, e.g. from the Pinklao Bridge!

So here are a bunch of photos, randomly shot at various places since then.

At the monthly Thirsty Thursday event (*), this jazz combo tried very hard to be heard, but it seemed like a lost battle...

This Banglumpoo coffee vendor was in a good mood.

The EggMan Express + 2 monks, talk about a strange combination!

A mini floating market with a potted plant upfront, nice touch!

Monk + street art lead to colorful results!

Walking along Petchaburi Road.

Nice tiles design at Wat Bot Bon.

Fruit stand at Petchabuti Road.

Food vendor in one of the sois off Petchaburi Road.

Ice delivery service.

Drone sprayer in action!

And one more shot of the jazz band to finish it off!


ray storey
ray storey
May 09, 2023

It make a fine collection, KK...welcome back.

May 09, 2023
Replying to

Thank you Ray

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