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Waterfalls, Caves, & Statues

On our second day in Huai Daeng, Kalasin, we went on a family outing with 2 cars, exploring some local sacred places.

From my own Thai family trips I knew that usually you end up at way off the beaten track places without any Western tourists in sight.

This time too I was not disappointed, first place we visited was the Waterfall Soda Cave (น้ำตกถ้ำโสดา) in Roi Et...

We soon found out that we had stopped too early, but this Buddhist site was interesting in its own way.

It had a very small cave and a stunning standing Buddha statue.

A lot was still under construction, but overall a good start.

A few kilometers further we’d arrived at the right place and wandered along the side of the mountain on a dirt track.

Fantastic views and the waterfall wasn’t bad either!

The cave itself was as expected used for religious purposes.

On the way back home we had a final stop in Kuchinarai at Buddha Satharn Phoodanhai (ภูดานไห).

I’d never seen a curved reclining Buddha before!

Not your standard temple decorations here...

Including a small cave of course.

Multi-headed Nagas anyone?

Some of the older statues were getting a bit mossy, which only makes them more photogenic.

All in all, a full day with plenty of driving but well spent!

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