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Bangkok Photographers Group Walk #117 Lat Phrao

Last month it was time again for a group walk and interestingly enough to a part of Bangkok virtually unknown to me! (*)

We met at the new Yellow Line Phawana Station and began the walk in Soi 41.

I took several pics of this tattoed mom and her child, but this is the only one where the looks are just right, she looks lovingly at her daughter who in turn stares in wonder at my mobile. I could just imagine her thinking 'WTF is this tall farang doing!'.

I think I was the only one who wandered off a bit and observed these workers among the scaffolding doing some serious wall painting... Safety measures as you can see are not really an issue here!

My favorite doll!

Part of an address sign.

Despite the double(!) facemask smiling eyes!

Part of a bench decoration.

Lots of those wooden shacks & houses along Khlong Lat Phrao.

Tomorrow you'll be rich...

Holy smoke.

Temple drum details.

Inside Wat Lat Phrao, amazing mirror ceiling.

Little temple bells outside.

This friendly local couple even gave me a bottle of water.

The Green Door!

This lady was very eager to pose.

Room with a view.

Obviously(?) a symbol of the secret White Hand society...

Another happy mom and child.

Relaxing outside.

The woman in the back asked me if I had any medicine on me... Uh, no, only fisherman's friends!

Actually a (flipped) reflection from a car window!

And to finish it off, here's a Yellow Teeth mirror selfie.

(*) The walk ended at Chok Chai 4 MRT Station where I suddenly remembered that I used to work there in the late 80's for an outfit called British American!

The results of all photographers who submitted work can be found here:


ray storey
ray storey
Oct 07, 2023

All good, KK, but the people shots are especially wonderful.

Oct 07, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Ray


Oct 07, 2023

The photo of mother and child the first one in this post is one of your best ever...i really love it!!!!

Oct 07, 2023
Replying to

Thank you

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