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Blast From The Trucking Past

This morning while cycling I couldn't help noticing this nicely spruced-up old Isuzu truck and decided to stop for a closer look.

The big dog was part of the deal, but turned out to be quite civilized (unlike the average streetdog here)!

I had a short chat with the owner/driver, Khun Sunan, 70 years old, from Ubon, but still very energetic as you can see!

He proudly showed me the various decorations of his truck which he bought about 20 years ago.

He used to work for several years in Saudi Arabia and Dubai before returning to Thailand.

He keeps his Isuzu in good condition, transports all kinds of goods in the region, and is not interested in buying a more modern truck at all!

The cabin was a bit messy for which he apologized... Luckily he never saw my desk!

Of course, we had to do a few posed pics, but that's part of the fun.

Luckily he didn't take a bit out of my bike!

And here is a short interview with Khun Sunan!


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