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Land of Maas and Waal

About two years ago my sister had moved from a big city to a small village between the rivers Maas and Wal, known in the Netherlands as the Betuwe. Whenever I visit her (and if she has free time) we go cycling together! (*)

This post is about our last 60+ km ride together.

A curious bull in Druten.

Some lovely old houses in Druten.

This one was built in 1898.

De Oude Toren (The Old Tower) in Winssen.

Near Ewijk's closed (for the season) ferry pier we bumped into this spooky area...

Infestation of Ermine moth caterpillars!

Apparently the trees can survive such infestations, but it looks creepy, to say the least!

Cycling on a quiet road in Beuningen.

Street art on the Tacitus Bridge, Ewijk.

Playing Scrabble AND enjoying a special lunch (**) at Den Tol Pancakes Restaurant in Beuningen.

Taking shelter from the sun and putting on some lotion...

Windmill 'De Vink', in Herveld, was built in the 15th century.

Herveld's N.H. Church.

View across a small brook named De Strang...

Free shower alongside the road!

And a shadow picture to finish it off!

(*) She on her e-bike and me using an ordinary one.

(**) 'Boerenjongens' (with raisins & rum) for me and an apple pancake for my sister!

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