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Return to Mukdahan - 54 km

The last cycling day of our trip had arrived, we checked out and cycled into town.

Luckily our favorite breakfast place was open!

The owner insisted that one of his staff took a photo of us with him.

The cycling part was rather uneventful, we couldn't be bothered with the beach...

However once we arrived at the Friendship Bridge.., boat racing again!

Interestingly enough the sale of alcohol, unlike in That Phanom, was not allowed here!

These boats were much longer!

Very impressive, despite the commentator’s blah blah blah...

Back in Mukdahan, we found a hotel, had lunch, and made plans for the afternoon.

Tim wanted to take it easy, so Ray & I hired a skylab to take us to Wat Roi Phra Putthabat Phu Manorom on the outskirts of town.

The temple is well known for its massive Buddha and great views.

This panorama video gives you some idea.

Getting blessed...

A real giant Buddha...

In the evening we found Muk Da Han Gallery Cafe where we had a few beers.

It's a neat vintage place with lots of old furniture and decorations, including an old jukebox (but without records!).

Unusual wiring!

Classic bar!

Afterwards we had dinner and returned to our hotel, the final part of an excellent 5-day trip!

Tomorrow Tim’s Thai family would pick us up by car and drive to his house...

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