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Rumble at Green Room Bangkok

Last week my friend Leo asked if I was interested in joining him for a visit to Green Room as they had 'some live music' there.

As I'm usually into live music played in small venues I happily agreed, but had to admit I'd never heard of that place!

Leo explained that it was in Sukhumvit Soi 7 (*) which surprised me quite a bit...

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I had vague memories of that lane only having girlie bars and massage joints, including the (in)famous Dr. BJ...

Despite yesterday's heavy rain I struggled through the traffic and managed to arrive only half an hour late which is quite OK considering that I live way out in the sticks on the other side of town.

That night The Tarantino's Band already had started playing, a heady mix of cool instrumentals from the '60s + assorted classics used in Quentin's movies.

The band at present consists of Christoph (Guitar/Vocals), Benz (Bass), Korn (Drums), & Boom (Trumpet).

Lots of great songs passed by, such as Jack The Ripper, Rumble, Run Chicken Run, Wipe Out, WooHoo, Little Green Bag, Apache, (Ghost) Riders in the Sky, Telstar, La Bamba, Sleepwalk, and Wicked Game.

A great tribute to artists and bands like Link Wray, Surfaris, Shadows, George Baker Selection, Rockateens, & others.

The Green Room is relatively small but has a lot of positive vibes going around.

Warning; The Tarantino's play loud but this kind of music needs to blast out of the speakers!

Even so, I noticed that all staff wore earplugs which makes a lot of sense if you have to work there.

The boss himself joined the band for belting out Knocking on Heaven’s Door, not really a surf tune, but a classic nonetheless.

Boom's trumpet made a nice contrast with the other instruments.

Christoph had mentioned earlier that here you wouldn't hear Hotel California and similarly overcovered hits from the past!

At first, I thought they played Little Green Bag because of the Dutch connection (**), but then I remembered it being used in a Tarantino movie, oh well ;-)

The girls on the other side of the road at times cheered with the music, but probably would have been happier to see us walk inside and enjoy their soapy massage!

I had a great time and definitely will return, they have lots of other cool bands playing there! (***)

(*) Actually, it's in Soi 7/1!


Lots (and LOTS!) of instrumental surf music can be found on YouTube, but you might not know this one, so do give it a try!

For A Few Guitars More: a tribute to Morricone's spaghetti western themes (2002)


Sep 30, 2023

Thanks Koen. Sounds like great fun! I look forward to going there, but will bring my earplugs along.;-)


ray storey
ray storey
Sep 30, 2023

Sounds like great fun and especially if the beer was cold, KK.

Sep 30, 2023
Replying to

It certainly was Ray!

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