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The (not so) Floating Market in front of Wat Pikul Ngoen

Occasionally I cycle through Bangyai and pass the old floating market.

Personally I think this a bit of a misnomer as most boats seem to be used only for transporting locals and goods.

The actual market is on the temple grounds.

Despite that, the boat traffic in front of Wat Pikul Ngoen can get quite busy.

Locals are being dropped off / picked up all the time.

Not a tourist in sight!

Rockets boats are part of the scene as well.

I took my shots from two viewpoints.

Most of these were taken at the temple side.

But this morning I cycled on the opposite side, dreary sky, but still a good view.

Further along, Khlong Om Non feels like a trip back in time.

However, sometimes it's possible to encounter something completely different.

This pontoon digger combo has no engine but no problems in moving onwards, very clever!


ray storey
ray storey
Aug 05, 2023

This excellent post shows just how interesting klong life is in parts of Bangkok region, KK. Nice work.

Aug 05, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Ray, I love visiting places like these.

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