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Walking along Khlong Thanon

Just once and a while I end up in parts of Bangkok that are completely unknown to me.

I'd noticed that rickety bridge a few times already while bussing up & down Phahon Yotin and really wanted to check it out.

A few days ago I had some free time and took the sky-train to Phahon Yotin 59 Station.

From there I headed to Phahon Yotin Soi 57, entered it, and strolled till the end, a nice walk despite the grim-looking sky.

Passing houses and shacks in an alley running parallel to Khlong Thanon I crossed underneath Chaeng Wattana Road and the not-yet-finished Rajabhat Phranakhon Station.

From there onwards the alley became truly canalside.

At that time of the day (mid afternoonish) there weren't many people around, except for the occasional motorcyclists.

It was an odd mix of fallen-apart shacks and newly built houses.

Whoever was in charge really liked bright colors!

Fighting cocks only reinforced the upcountry feeling.

As well as the banana trees, plenty of those around...

By then I decided to cross to the other side.

Also, a good opportunity to shoot some pics from the bridge's viewpoint.

There was no regular taxi boat service there though.

It was a little noisy as lots of planes from Don Mueang flew above here.

Almost back at Phahon Yotin Road, the passing skytrain provided a nice contrast.

This odd statue stood 'guard' near that rickety bridge!

From there I walked straight to Bang Bua Station, all in all a nice one-hour trip.


ray storey
ray storey
Sep 09, 2023

really excellent outing, KK...I loved it, and it reminded me I did a few of these discovery rides into amazing little hidden communitis when I lived in Bangkok.

Sep 09, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Ray! Whenever I have a chance I like visiting places like these.

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