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Walking Around Lao Tuk Lak

My previous blog post ended at Damnoen Saduak's Floating Tourist Market, but the real objective of our trip was another (and much less touristy!) place...

Despite being in spitting distance, the much older Lao Tuk Lak market is mostly ignored by the majority of the tourists' hoards...

Walking along the elevated canalside paths is a peaceful affair, with just an occasional tourist boat passing by.

The market itself is similar to the one at Baan Silapin (Artists' House), but even smaller!

Lots and lots of old wooden houses along both sides of the khlong.

"Good afternoon to you too!"

Boat storage.

Some boats went by pretty fast.

Compared to the boat traffic at Damnoen Saduak this was an oasis of peace!

The 'entrance' of Lao Tuk Lak.

Old-style vendors in boats who mainly cater to locals can be found here.

These khlong cleaning paddle wheel contraptions looked pretty effective!

It made us wonder how many unlucky tourists they collect yearly ;-)

A bit further away in another khlong there was more (& faster) traffic.

As well as local fishermen.

No idea what they would catch besides tourists who'd fallen out of their boats...


Life here seemed to be lived just outside quite a lot.

The concrete walkways went on and on for quite a distance in both directions.

We decided to follow one of them all the way to the main road, a distance of about 2 km.

This gave us plenty of opportunities to have a good look inside some of the houses here!

No lack of bridges either.

Package delivery service!

Motorcycles make good use of these concrete paths as well.

Inside one house we discovered a lot of boat construction going on.

Good job!

Leo checking photos...

The purpose of these bottles was unclear, also nobody around to ask for clarification...

Photo: Leo

No tourists here at all...

Two friendly old ladies happily posed for us.

Similar to this lady preparing moo satay!

Notwithstanding the number of boats and its reputation as a 'floating market', this place is best explored on foot!

Photo: Leo

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A wonderful walking tour, KK. Many years ago I visited this place, by boat. Your pictures do a fine job of capturing the vibrancy of the place and the friendliness of the locals here.

Jun 20
Replying to

Thank you Ray

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