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The Floating Pagodas of Wat Chaloem Phrakiat

I'm not really a religious buildings 'fan', but occasionally encounter temples that are quite amazing...

One example is Lampang's Wat Chaloem Phrakiat.

Driving from Phayao to Lampang with 2 old friends this place was on our itinerary, but when we saw it in the distance high up on top of the mountains, our first reaction was kind of 'Holy Crap!'...

We drove across narrow B-roads to a parking place at the foot of a serious mountain range, paid the entrance fees, and got on board a songtaew.

Its driver must have done this stretch uphill countless times as he drove pretty fast without worrying about the passengers in the back...

Once arrived at the second parking place it was time for us to start walking and going upstairs...

Despite it being a little bit hazy the views were magnificent.

Final bathroom stop place with a firm warning in Thai and English:

'No public restrooms ahead. Please get all your business done before you leave. Thank you.'

The wooden stairs were in good condition, we felt pretty safe at all times.

The hanging bridge was cool too.

Up, up, up!

Rest areas were provided at several places along the trail, but we only used them for quick photo-stops.

Just in case visitors are completely stupid...

The white pagodas are relatively small, but still very impressive at this height!

This was the only part where I felt uncomfortable due to the not-very-high fence...

But by concentrating only on the amazing views it was OK.

A second viewing platform featured (not surprisingly) lots of Buddha statues.

More Buddhist structures...

Complete with a framed picture of the former Thai King!

The sound of the wind chimes was quite fitting for such a wonderful place.

Photo: Willem

The actual stairs walking part was not that much, it probably took us half an hour or so.

If you do go to Lampang (an interesting place in its own right!) don't miss out on this awesome temple!!!


I am not sure if I have been here, KK...where is it? I like your pictures a lot.

Jan 17
Replying to

It's in Lampang Ray

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