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Back On (Digital) Track

Last month suddenly my mobile's screen decided to call it quits, whereas previously it's bright (though cracked) screen showed various icons, now it looked more like a QR Code on LSD...

Unnecessary to say, none of its functions - including restart - could be activated!

As I used it as my camera almost daily, I was royally screwed...

On the way to the floating market

Since my mobile was already a few years old, it made more sense to get a new one than to get a new screen.

However my model was a 7 and the latest version a 12, with an incredibly high price tag, ouch.

I was just in time to capture this monk coming through a sluice gate.

A quick check online turned up an 8 at a very decent price, a much better option!

The only issue was the delivery time, about 3-4 days...

Loaded with food, he slowly paddled off in the distance.

That same day I had a meeting with a friend in the afternoon and I thought I'd prepared myself by taking a (paper!) book with me to read along the way.

Halfway it suddenly dawned to me that mobiles nowadays contain almost everything, including time, I hadn't worn a wristwatch in years!

Luckily I did manage to find my friend at the meeting place which easily could have gone wrong as well...

Fishermen equipped with crossbow spear guns...

The next couple of days passed by as usual except for outside not being able to take photos, track my cycling routings and time, check emails, read the news and epubs, chat, watch YouTube clips, play Wordfeud and Sudoku, etc., etc.

Intriguing street art...

Three days later the new mobile arrived, delivered in an enormous box, just to make sure nothing got damaged.

After charging it the next phase could begin, getting most of my apps there.

Stairway To Heaven it ain't...

Normally it would be just a matter of connecting the old mobile with the new one and BINGO!

As my old one was functioning only as a paperweight the above method was out of the question...

The real floating market at Bangyai.

Painstakingly I installed each app one by one, all the time checking my password cheat sheet, and even the two bank apps somehow worked again, amazing!

Complete with happy customers!

My new mobile looked like a piece of art, still shiny and new, but I knew it wouldn't last long, sooner or later I probably would drop it or damage it in another way.

Getting a protective case was therefore seriously important and I ordered one right away.

Quite an idyllic scene...

In the meantime I was getting back on (digital) track and making good use of the mobile's camera, the results you can see here.

Morning market at Wat Bot Bon.

During my morning rides, I passed temples, fresh markets, khlongs, fishermen, monks, and more.

Just very local, no tourists at all.

Especially the smaller floating markets were good fun, a lot of boat traffic!

A continuation of the first photo.

These two photos were shot near Wat Takhian.

Busy parking place!

Plastic boats are becoming more common nowadays.

Using a propane gas cylinder as a postbox was new to me!

This friendly monk was happy to pose for a few shots, but why he was standing on top of his sandals remains unclear.

Afterwards he asked me if I liked Thai women, 'sure' I answered, upon he burst out laughing and slapped me on my shoulder!

This is probably the strangest 'Buddhist blessing' I ever received...

And a mirror selfie to finish this post!


Your photos is telling good story 😂. I like it!! /Kiki


Thank you so much Kiki.


Nice read, nice photos.


Thank you Pieter


ray storey
ray storey

Nice one, KK. The new phone seems to be working fine. I expect the monk will use your response to his question in his dreamtime for a few nights.


He will end up having nightmares!

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