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Bangkok Photographers Group Walk 113 Sam Yot - Part 3

Here are the final pics of the walk, with more emphasis on things, signs, & texts.

I like unusual combinations of objects!

A herd of hand trucks, safely locked up.

Greens & red...

A Vespa upside-down mirror selfie...

Another odd combination.

Great advice, IF you have enough money in the first place...

Graffiti in various stages.

The wooden orange upper part of that building is intriguing.

Three cleaning ladies taking a break.

Truth be told, this one and the remaining pics are not part of the walk as - after meeting some of the photographers at the Photohostel & Photocafe - I took these on the way back looking for some transport home.

Checking his route on his mobile?

Classic Yaowarat Road.

Not sure what he was doing...

And that was all!

Part 1:

Part 2:

The Bangkok Photographers Group's result of this walk can be seen here:

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