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Bangkok Photographers Group Walk - Mahachai preparations

Last July I was contacted by the group to set up a new walking tour and I suggested doing something different.

Instead of exploring Bangkok's back alleys and markets as usual (*), why not go beyond that and hop on the train to the old port of Mahachai? (**)

Early August I met Greg and Ben (2 of the 3 organizers of the group) at Wongwian Yai BTS station and walked to the old, similarly named, railway station.

After a 50+ min 3rd class, open windows train ride we arrived at Mahachai's railway station and market! This is actually the first so-called 'train market' but without the folding umbrellas of the more famous Mae Klong market! (***) Even so, here too were plenty of veggies and assorted food products sold along the tracks.

It was relatively quiet, with virtually no tourists, and therefore perfect for shooting pics.

This was the first of the many nicely decorated drain covers we encountered.

We took a ferry to Tha Chalom, just a short boat ride away.

These ferries go very regularly and are pretty reliable, except for the fact that they're built more for hobbits than the average tall Dutchman...

Greg 'discovered' a small ship graveyard which turned out to be a welcome addition to the tour.

To my surprise, there was now an old train wreck on display at the station there.

From Ban Laem Station people can take another train to Mea Klong.

We took a ferry back to the main market and walked around a bit more.

Not sure if she uses those chicken feet as mobile phone holders, but it was a funny sight!

Afterwards we took a train back to Wongwian Yai, and all of us agreed that this would be a cool walk for the group.

A few days later the official announcement was posted on social media and on August 27th we had about 50 photographers joining!

The results of that day can be seen here:

(*) Nothing wrong with that, on the contrary!

(**) Mahachai or Samut Sakhon

(***) Mae Klong or Samut Songkram

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