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Cruisin' Around Nakhon Phanom

A full free day to wander around this riverside town as well as run some errands...

Tim's bicycle needed repairs and one of his shoes was literally falling apart...

First things first, none of us were that impressed with our hotel, despite its promising name...

It seemed a bit early for selling ice cream at Wat Okat!

After breakfast, we moved to another place that looked more promising despite having 2 names: Sri Thep / Shit Hip...

Definitely the biggest letterbox we'd ever seen!

Chain & gear issues needed to be fixed...

Therefore it seemed like the right time for a drink at Jai Coffee Speciality Roaster!

Great action shot of me by Tim...

Ray suggested hiring a 'sky-lab' (*) for a couple of hours and seeing a bit of the town and its environment.

We had a look at the Third Thai–Lao Friendship 3 Bridge, another narrow one!

Our sky-lab driver did a decent job despite a few corrections along the way.

After a few mishaps, he finally found a proper shoestore, and Tim was rescued.

He dropped us off at a very decent riverside restaurant for lunch.

We looked at some of the parked skylabs, this one really stood out, no lack of Mishelin dolls!

The first food sellers started setting up their stalls in the late afternoon, grilled squid anyone?!

Performance on the boulevard.

Lots of food is offered on Walking Street, no surprise of course.

Ray bought some funny-looking khanoms which tasted quite alright.

Traditional Kanom Krok, little Thai coconut pancakes, being made old style.

Especially later that evening lots of people showed up with hardly any foreigner in sight!

All in all, we had a great day, ready to continue cycling the next day.


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