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Train To Busan, uh..., Nong Khai!

Whenever I'm about to go on the road again and have to catch a bus, boat, flight, etc., I prefer to arrive early and not at the last minute.

Important as I don't like to get stressed and another cycling along the Mekong trip was about to take off the following day!

Nong Khai's Mekong riverside boulevard is perfect for cycling.

However my dinner and drink afterwards with an old friend (which was very pleasant) somehow took longer than expected and with only 50 minutes to spare I boarded the MRT to Tha Phra and changed trains to Bang Sue Grand Station.

The special monk section at the railway station

Arrived there, with 20 minutes to spare, but this station is ridiculously LARGE, and finding the right departure area can take a considerable amount of time!

This is a shame really as usually I like to wander around and take photos.

But 10 minutes later I was inside my 2nd class carriage, pretty close though...

This was one of the new night trains and very comfortable indeed!

I made myself at home until a railway staff came by to transform my seat into a bed, they do this very quickly and efficiently.

No matter how much a train gets 'upgraded' the state of the railway tracks is important too as I discovered during a midnight toilet run, shake rattle & roll indeed!

Early morning although not exactly bright and shiny I ordered a dreadful cup of instant coffee which at least delivered a substantial kick...

The train arrived on time, excellent, because that's not always the case.

A shared skylab vehicle brought me via the Thai-Lao border and a few other stops to Mudmee Guesthouse, the same as last year! (*)

Rooms were not available yet, so I just dumped my small backpack, had some breakfast, rented a bicycle, and hit the road.

A classic rattan product store

Ride and stop for photos is my preferred method of travel.

Apart from cycling across the riverside boulevard, I went through lots of side streets, lanes, and alleys.

Especially murals, both temple and street art (whether faded or new), are high on my list of interests!

This one at Wat Hai Sok I consider very attractive.

These painted shutters at the same temple seemed a bit out of place though, but I didn't mind at all.

A commercial mural showcasing the Vietnamese influences.

I wondered what this one looked like when it was just sprayed on the wall...

As my cycling friends, Tim & Ray, would arrive later in the afternoon, I parked my bike at the guesthouse and went for a walkabout.

Back on the boulevard later in the day vendors were getting ready for the walking street/evening market.

The variety of food on sale never ceases to surprise me...

A new elevated platform for viewing and taking selfies seemed a bit unnecessary, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

This gives some indication of how popular this place is.

A local artist taking a break.

Later that evening when I returned here with my friends it was busy as hell and noisy too, with several stands blasting their music...

A special foodie tuk-tuk was very popular

As we wanted to depart early the next day, we returned to our rooms after a few beers...

2 solo rides and the temperature

All about last year's Mekong trip here:


A most pleasant start to the tour, KK.

Mar 07
Replying to

It certainly was Ray, thanks.

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