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Tour de Nonthaburi

In early 2019 I bought a Dahon Dream folding bike and started cycling almost daily ever since, mainly in Nonthaburi, but at times also in Bangkok (*) and beyond.

Bicycle paths/lanes are not often found but who cares?!

I just stick to B-roads, elevated paths, and occasional dirt tracks.

Often the few in Bangkok are being used as parking spaces for cars anyway...

Cycling with friends along the Mekong, somewhere between Mukdahan and That Phanom

Besides it being good exercise, it's a great way to clear the cobwebs between my ears and appreciate the start of a brand new day.

Just after the crack of dawn, some birds are happy to provide a background soundtrack while I'm cruising at a leisurely speed and locals are happy to greet me with smiles.

The elevated cycling/footpaths can be tricky as obstacles are common!

Similarly, road surfaces at times are in poor condition and especially tricky during heavy rain...

Footbridges mean carrying my bike up and down the stairs.

Street dogs unfortunately are common in this area and sometimes they go (literally) barking mad!

However snakes like this one I seldom encounter though.

90-degree corners on half-overgrown elevated paths are not uncommon...

Other times there are only crumbled tracks left...

It's of utmost importance to stay in the middle and not start dreaming!

Well-constructed bicycle bridges like this one are an exception.

This is a pretty common railway crossing!

Crossing sluices doesn't happen that often, but sometimes there's no choice.

Same when you suddenly have reached the end of the line!

Mirror selfie...

Most of the time I cycle alone which is fine with me, easier to stop for taking photos as well!

Outside Nonthaburi, at times I go cycling with friends whenever they are around.

In other areas of Thailand, I cycle with two old friends, Tim and Ray. (**)

And recently I joined a small group of Twitter cyclists to Koh Kret which was very enjoyable except for the sunburn ;-)

(*) Other cycling blog posts:



Aug 18, 2023

Great photos! A true Dutchman in love with his bike.;-)


ray storey
ray storey
Aug 16, 2023

I love this post, KK, and not just because I get a mention in it. we have had some totally wonderful experiences cycling in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, and hope we can do it again soon.

Aug 17, 2023
Replying to

I hope so too Ray!

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