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17 Years Ago

I had a Sony digital camera but wasn't very good at taking photos.

It consisted of mainly taking snapshots, but at least I enjoyed it!

In February 2006 I went for Khiri Travel on an inspection trip to Laos, checking out road conditions, trekkings, and accommodation.

I visited Huay Xay, Vieng Phouka, Luang Namtha, Muang Singh, Oudom Xai, and Pak Beng.

These photos were taken at the (early) morning market in Muang Singh.

Weather conditions were miserable, the light was uniformly drab...

Revisiting these photos so many years later was a bit of a surprise.

However in order to 'tart' them up a bit I had to use quite a bit of Photoshop.

This is as good(?) as it gets.

There were a few tribal ladies as well.

At least they stood out a bit among the more functional Chinese outfits!

It was just a very foggy, hazy morning...

I wouldn't mind at all to revisit this place, but doubt if much has changed.

If there's interest I might give some of the other pix a digital 'facelift' as well!

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