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Bangkok Photographers Group Walk #120 - Golden Hour at Benchakitti Park

The last walk of the year started this time at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in the late afternoon.

The focus was on the Golden Hour/dusk/sunset, but that didn't come out very well in my pics.

Instead we happily walked first around Benchakitti's lake and through the old part of the park.

Lots of paddling going on the lake as you can see.

The skyline was impressive as usual.

Massive spotlights at various places.

Water fun close-up.

Further on the wetlands area is popular for taking graduation shots.

Two spiderboys!

More graduation shots...

Nice balance of letting Nature run semi-wild!

Plenty of jogging and cycling opportunities.

The park offers lots of walking paths, both elevated and on ground level.

Remnant from the old Thai Tobacco Monopoly past.

Still the best park in town!

Here is the Bangkok Photographers Group Magazine with the results of this walk:


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