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Bangkok Photographers Group Walk #118 Sathorn

Sathorn Road to me represents a very busy road with shitloads of traffic and highrise buildings, not particularly attractive although the skytrain has made traveling there much easier.

This twisted reflection sums up that image quite well, but that still has quite some attraction!

With 40+ photographers we set off from St. Louis BTS Station and very quickly left the highrise facade behind.

Like almost everywhere else in Bangkok, once you leave the main roads the old town pops up with a vengeance!

Although buffalo skulls I don't see hanging around very often...

Normally I don't like people posing for photos but this was such a classic thumbs-up...!

Making nature look higher than the skyscrapers is always fun.

This too is a nice contrast.

No lack of streetlife of course, whether they're selling lottery tickets or vegetables!

The Red Door.., or actually a gate, who knows what lurks behind?!

Unpaid bills & graffiti.

Friendly veggie seller.

A plastic garland and the numbers of the moto-cy guys!

7 creepy characters above art wine dine, perhaps I should check it out one time!

Queueing up for special food in Soi 11.

The massive sprawling Chinese cemetery of Wat Don was quite a surprise to me.

Also because a lot of the graves are overgrown and should be very spooky at night!

Letters, numbers, and cable chaos...

Nearby was the Thai Muslim Cemetery.

Much smaller and also better-taken care of!

At the end of the walk, I noticed this creepy graffiti just before entering Surasak BTS Station!

As I wrote earlier, a shitload of photographers, but as usual the group fell apart soon after this pic was taken (by Greg Rhodes) and I think I never walked with more than 10 people at any time.

Actually, some are never seen or heard from ever again, probably got swallowed up somewhere in shadowy alleys along the route, these walks are really only for the brave!

The full results of the walk can be seen here:

My impressions of previous walks:


ray storey
ray storey

Very good, KK. Our Condo is quite close to this area, and I have made a few visits to these temples.


Eye opener tour for me, especially the large cemetery!

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