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Down in the Jungle

After Phnom Penh Willem, Bruce, and I set off for a 5 hours drive to the eco Cardomom Tented Camp (*) in West Cambodia, near the Thai border.

The road was on the whole quite acceptable, Sunday traffic light and a coffee/toilet/beer stop halfway more than welcome!

The last part of the journey consisted of a half hour boat ride and as you can see Bruce had to struggle to contain his excitement....

The banks of the Preak Tachan River only showed lush vegetation.

One of the very helpful staff of CTC.

Other guests leaving.

Arrived and staff waiting for us!

A quick chat with fellow guests.

Elevated wooden walking trail to the tents.

Very comfy indeed, especially compared to my camping experiences as a kid...

After dumping our luggage we went for some kayaking, here you see Willem doing it the correct way at a leisurely pace.

Of course some of us insist on going at it full power...

Taking it easy was much better though.

It gave us more opportunity to observe the amazing natural surroundings and hear all the bird calls.

Afterwards dinner was highly appreciated!

As well as this very tasty local beer (**) which unfortunately seems poorly distributed...

The next morning I spent some time just walking around the site.

Cardomom Tented Camp has its own power supply!


Instead of looking for large animals and birds (which are not often seen anyway!) I decided to opt for a bit smaller...

When it comes to flowers and plants I'm totally ignorant but I do appreciate their beauty.

Especially with some early morning dew drops.

Even without any flowers it remains fascinating.

In bloom, but not for long...

No wonder insects are attracted!

After breakfast we set off again, this time with a guide.

Completely smooth river surface!

Artist's impression:

Did we survive the pit vipers, crocodiles and Bruce's antics? To be continued!



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