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Salt of the Earth

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to join a small tour group to Kanchanaburi and on the way through Samut Sakhon, we made a stop at the salt fields.

Salt farming in this area is widespread and I'd passed the fields quite a few times, but that day was the first time I actually saw workers in action. Later I realized that my previous visits were during the rainy season when no such work is done!

The speed of salt harvest depends on the sun and wind, the fields are quite large, 40+ Rai.

There are 3 stages (& 3 ponds) for this salt production and it's labour intensive work as you can see...

This may look like the car from the Flintstone Family (*), but is in fact a classic roller used for flattening the salt!

The workers are almost completely covered up in order to protect themselves from the sun...

Shoveling salt into piles, one after the other, what a job...

Primitive to say the least, but it works!

The final product on sale alongside the road.

Keep on shoveling, but this local salt industry shouldn't be underestimated as Thailand produces a lot!

A short video clip to get a better idea...


ray storey
ray storey

Reminds me that I have a set of images of this place in my archives, KK. You post is excellent, and the short video finishes it off well.


Thank you Ray

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