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Red Creek

After our cycling trip along the Mekong (*) Tim's family drove to Mukdahan and brought us back to his house in Baan Huai Daeng, Kalasin.

Huai Daeng is Thai for Red Creek, a typical small village way out in Isaan.

After a good lunch, Tim took us around for a spin through the village.

We observed some locals mucking about with bamboo.

A bit more detail: Cleaning bamboo shoots and removing the hard outer parts, prior to cooking.

Villages like these still have old-style gas ‘stations’ for motorcycles, which you won't find in Bangkok anymore.

But to find more than one in a village the size of Huay Daeng was a bit of a surprise!

I did a blog post about these old colourful contraptions in Nonthaburi (**).

Cycling makes one thirsty...

The creek had a bit too much water and part of the road was flooded, a yearly event.

Tim shot this clip of me going full speed ahead...

We ended the day on Tim's terrace with a great meal!

And of course with a few more beers!


ray storey
ray storey

A good post, KK. I enjoyed this roll about the village.


Thank you Ray.

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